RV Villas

iLAND RV Villas are the perfect RV park model solution and take away all the headaches of managing on site development and construction

No worksite

No construction sites on your resort on high season by controlling delivery dates. The most frustrating activity for all of your visitors can be avoided altogether.

No security issues

Security issues of an ongoing construction sites takes away your control on the resort’s traffic

no delays

Contractors, subcontractors and  permits delays. You certainly do not need to deal daily with construction and permit delays.

keep control

Your business remains your business. Our marketing plan makes you a partner in control of all deals on your Resort.


A resort should remain a resort!

We have witnessed an ongoing situation time after time

A typical RV park or resort destination always has a number of clients building a house on their lot. This activity translates into all owners spending their vacation on a construction site year after year until everyone is done. We suggest a brilliant alternative: a modular concept that brings down the construction time from 6-9 Months to 3 days!

It is also possible to build houses year round with delivery limited to the low season. 

Why make everyone suffer when iLAND offers the perfect solution.



We are building the house of the future now. The solar energy package takes away all energy cost concerns. Energy cost is a real concern with a resort house under short term rental. 

Our revolutionary solar concept will manufacture energy but our LEED construction will lower the demand as well; we want to stress the fact that we offer a unique modular product unparalleled to our knowledge.

Finally, just think that your house’s modular structure allows movement at any time.



  • Fixed costs: no hidden costs or surprises typical on a construction site
  • Fixed timeline: no delays associated to weather, permits and sub-contractors
  • Improved quality: Inside construction meeting QAI, LEED and NET 0 requirements
  • Improved performance: NET 0 yearly energy is the goal here!
  • Higher client satisfaction; Walk through before the house travels to the site
  • Reduced construction waste: Absolutely no waste on site


Our modular proposal not only takes away the construction site aggravation for the promoter and for the client but enhance the quality of life of the Resort.Who wants to spend holidays suffering through a neighboring construction site? Every year, someone decides to go ahead with their individual project; every year the vacationer has to go through the same pain.The modular concept takes away the construction site and allows us to build all year with timely delivery in the off season; A RESORT should be a RESORT