Our products

We create solutions that others consider impossible by integrating our solar modules into ruggedized, portable devices for personal and commercial applications.

solar power made easy

ILAND’s team is driven to continue the advance of solar technology and the use of solar power to improve the quality of life. We are at the forefront of this advancement, the following product demonstrates our drive, creativity and the commitment to deliver solutions to make it happen.


iLAND Homes are meet LEED, Passive House and Netzero requirements.

  • The homes are built with eco-friendly materials, meaning they are 99% recyclable
  • The construction ensures that very little energy is needed to heat and cool the homes 
  • iLAND Homes produce as much energy as they consume, eliminating for good the cost of electricity. 


We are building the house of the future now. The solar energy package takes away all energy cost concerns. Energy cost is a real concern with a resort house under short term rental. 

Our revolutionary solar concept will manufacture energy but our LEED construction will lower the demand as well; we want to stress the fact that we offer a unique modular product unparalleled to our knowledge.

Finally, just think that your house’s modular structure allows movement at any time.


  • Fixed costs: no hidden costs or surprises typical on a construction site
  • Fixed timeline: no delays associated to weather, permits and sub-contractors
  • Improved quality: Inside construction meeting QAI, LEED and NET 0 requirements
  • Improved performance: NET 0 yearly energy is the goal here!
  • Higher client satisfaction; Walk through before the house travels to the site
  • Reduced construction waste: Absolutely no waste on site


The iLAND team is committed to continuing advancements in solar technology and the use of solar energy to improve the quality of our lives.
We are at the forefront of this evolution, the following projects demonstrate our dynamism, our creativity and our commitment to provide solutions for the future to be realized.

Reducing its dependence on the outside, this is the challenge that iLAND is committed to solving. Carports, fences and solar ramps, solar houses, bioclimatic greenhouses. All on the same surface. Living no longer becomes a cost, but an ease!

Bioclimatic Greenhouses

The traditional greenhouse allows mainly to optimize the light, but which is not optimal for conserving heat. It must therefore be heated and the temperature differences between day and night are significant. A bioclimatic greenhouse is a compromise between light and temperature. It even allows you to cultivate in winter with a very light back-up heating

THE complete solar system SOLUTION

ILAND solar houses are completely factory built and transported finished to site. They are habitable in 3 to 5 days. They are managed by mobile phone and offer energy savings 10 to 15 times greater than a house on the market, but at market price! The goal of iLAND is to industrialize green solar homes in order to make them accessible to the consumer. iLAND creates, the house of tomorrow … NOW